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Sailmax has a large tire catalog complete with all position tire, drive tire, steer and trailer tire, all-season tires, winter tires, and more. Find your tire size within the truck tire size chart below to see a selection that’s right for you.



6.50R16LT 16PR

7.00R16LT 16PR

7.00R16LT 20PR

7.50R16LT 16PR

7.50R16LT 18PR

8.25R16LT 20PR

9.5R17.5 16PR

9.00R20 16PR

10.00R20 14PR

10.00R20 16PR

11.00R20 16PR

11.00R20 18PR

11.00R20 20PR

12.00R20 16PR

12.00R20 18PR

12.00R20 20PR

12.00R24 18PR

12.00R24 20PR

11R22.5 16PR

11R22.5 18PR

11R22.5 20PR

11R24.5 16PR

11R24.5 18PR

12R22.5 16PR

12R22.5 18PR

12R22.5 20PR

13R22.5 12PR

13R22.5 16PR

215/75R17.5 18PR

215/75R17.5 20PR

225/70R19.5 16PR

225/70R19.5 20PR

225/80R17.5 16PR

225/80R17.5 20PR

235/75R17.5 20PR

235/75R17.5 24PR

245/70R17.5 14PR

245/70R17.5 18PR

245/70R19.5 16PR

255/70R22.5 20PR

265/70R19.5 18PR

265/70R19.5 20PR

265/70R19.5 22PR

275/70R22.5 20PR

275/70R22.5 20PR

275/80R22.5 20PR

285/75R24.5 18PR

295/60R22.5 18PR

295/75R22.5 16PR

295/75R22.5 18PR

295/75R22.5 20PR

295/80R22.5 14PR

295/80R22.5 18PR

295/80R22.5 20PR

295/80R22.5 24PR

315/80R22.5 16PR

315/80R22.5 18PR

315/80R22.5 20PR

325/95R24 24PR

385/65R22.5 18PR

385/65R22.5 20PR

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