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Sailmax Tires boasts two cutting-edge production facilities: Keerun Tire (Dezhou) Co., Ltd. and Keerun Tire (Rizhao) Co., Ltd. These modern factories have an impressive combined capacity of over 2 million truck and bus tires annually.

Tire Production Line Introduction

We’ve established a strict quality assurance system and scientific inspection process that manage product quality in every step, so that we can deliver tailored quality products to customers.


Raw material inspection

Our production line begins with the strict inspection of raw materials. Our selection of high quality rubber formulations, steel cord and other necessary components ensures the excellent quality of the final product.


Mixing and compounding

At this stage, rubber raw materials are mixed and compounded with a precise ratio. Different tire models and applications require specific rubber formulations to ensure good grip, wear resistance and fuel efficiency.


Tire forming

Through advanced equipment and skilled technicians, we carry out the molding process of tires. This includes the assembly of the tire pattern, body, sidewalls and lining to ensure the structural strength and overall stability of the tire.



Next, the tires undergo a vulcanization process. Under controlled temperature and pressure, the tire is vulcanized and eventually a stable tire shape is formed. This step increases the elasticity and durability of the tire.


Quality control

We strictly implement the quality control process throughout the production line. Each tire is subjected to a series of rigorous tests and inspections to ensure that high quality standards are met, providing you with a safe and reliable product.


Packaging and delivery

After passing the final inspection, the tires will be carefully packaged and ready to be sent to all parts of the world to serve the vast number of users.

Prodution Equipment - Quality Assurance

Tire expander & Tire strength testing machine & Product testing & Tire section cutting machine & Dynamic balance testing machine & Tire durability testing machine


Our production process fully follows the principle of quality control (QC). From solving external demand to internal improvement, from external audit & learning to internal audit & improvement, from raw material inbound inspection to tire outbound inspection, all procedures are strictly controlled according to the control plan. The needs and problems raised by customers are addressed in accordance with the principle of D-M-A-I-C to ensure that the production process is controlled and the product quality meets the needs of customers.


SAILMAX Tire Company has a good production capacity for truck and bus tires. 
 The company attaches great importance to technology research and development, pay attention to enhance the ability of independent innovation, tire products have passed the iso9001 quality management system certification, China compulsory certification (3C), the United States Department of Transportation certification (DOT) and other important certifications. Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) European Union Certification, Uruguay Certification (LATU) and Vietnam Certification (GCWM).

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Customer satisfaction in Chengdu is very important, we attach great importance to the needs of customers, we are very honored to receive more feedback.

Jatinder Singh



“The service attitude is very good, every time there is a question that the product does not understand, it will give a very satisfactory answer in time!”

Jesé Gonzalez



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Aleksei Sorokin



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“Sailmax tyres overloading design patterns 110OR20 1200R20 are well done in my market,thanks sailmax for providing high quality tyres and prices are competitive at such level tyres. “

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