Sailmax TBR Tires

SAILMAX TBR Tires are Available in a Variety of Tread Patterns and Designs.
SAILMAX High Quality Truck Tires Looking for Worldwide Tire Buyers.

  • Strong R&D Team
  • World Fortune Top 500 Enterprise
  • Reliable Quality
  • OEM & ODM Support

SAILMAX/MINFENG Quality Truck Tires

SAILMAX/Minfeng truck tires quality tyre brands which have nice tyre looking and strong tire strcuture. The brand are under ITG group which is World Fortune 500 Enterprise. SAILMAX Tires designed and developed for specific application requirements.

Long distance routes
Well-paved roads

Regional, Urban and Mixed Service applications

Mix Service
Frequent use both on and off-road
Heavy loads

Designed for Mine, Off-road, Construction

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We have helped thousands of tire importers find the right tyre

Customer satisfaction in Chengdu is very important, we attach great importance to the needs of customers, we are very honored to receive more feedback.

Jatinder Singh



“The service attitude is very good, every time there is a question that the product does not understand, it will give a very satisfactory answer in time!”

Jesé Gonzalez



“La mejor experiencia de todas, mi pedido comenzó tan pronto como lo realicé, el envío fue rápido, me gustó mucho.”

Aleksei Sorokin



“иметь шины хорошего качества, и их шины очень подходят для нашего рынка!”




“Sailmax tyres overloading design patterns 110OR20 1200R20 are well done in my market,thanks sailmax for providing high quality tyres and prices are competitive at such level tyres. “

SAILMAX TBR Tires Patterns

Sailmax Hot pattern reference, click to learn more


SD307 is with special formula and with good durability and overloading performance. Avaliable sizes are 900R20 1100R20 1200R20 1000R20.


SA812 is classic 3 line zigzag all position application. Good heat dispersion. Wide adapability of road conditions.Strengthened body bead design.Avaliable in almost all truck tyre sizes.

SD377S Winter Tires

SD377S are designed for winter/snow truck tires applications mainly in Russia,Europe & Canadian marekt. 3D sipe design, excellent skid resistance, special snow tread formula design.


SD306 is suitable for mid-short distance transportation of paved road and mixed road. The tyre is with low heat rubber formula design. Avaliable sizes are in 750R6 825R16 900R20 100R20 1100R20 120OR20


Excellent Durability. Wide adapability of road surface. Anti-skid performance.Avaliable sizes are 825R20 900R20110OR20 1200R20

SDAO1 All Season Tires

SDAOl is suitable for mid-short distance transportation of paved and mix road.Avaliable sizes are 11R22.5 11R24.5 295/75R22.5

Our Product

Sailmax Tire is the perfect choice for your comfortable journey!

SAILMAX Tires, Reliable Quality Tyre Brand from China

If you want to import a reliable truck tyre brand, SAILMAX can be highly recmmended!

Product Advantages

  • Exceptional traction
  • Stability and fuel efficiency
  • Resistance to wear and tear
  • Undergo rigorous testing
  • Using cutting-edge technology
  • Unparalleled Performance

SAILMAX Keep updating Tire sizes and Patterns

With Strong R&D team, the SAILMAX are always study each foreign market and keep updating the sizes and moulds. We offer a lot of sizes and patterns for different types of driving, like for heavy loads, long trips, mixed roads, snow, and any kind of weather. We are also coming out with more sizes soon.

SAILMAX Truck Tires Loading

SAILMAX care about the import cost for every tyre importers and we have professional tire loading team and maximaze the container loading quantity.
And during loading, our workers take care of tyres when putting into the container. So when you receive the truck tires, all tires are in good conditions.


Try SAILMAX for importing truck tires from China. With a good brand reputation and warranty policy, they are now widely accepted. Learn more about prices, shipment time, quality warranty, delivery time, and mix loading service.

Good quality ,reasonable cheap price, stable supply, good aftersale service.We believe that we can supply best suitable tyre for your truck and business.

Better quality, because our materials, machines, processes and teams are better! The result is tire lifespans 20-35% longer than the competition, making our tires a top value.

Natural rubber imported from Thailand and Malaysia and steel from one of the best Italian brands produced in China. Only the best raw materials are used to produce our tires.

Heavy investment into machines imported from German and Italy to ensure great tire-making capability.This includes x-ray scans and balancing to be sure each tire is suited to European and USA standards.

Payment for long terms cooperation of good reputation partners:
We have sino insurence for our VIP cients, we can offer L/C 90 days after we familar with each other. We looking for partnership for long terms.

Our engineers have developed great reinforced sidewalls for strong, safe tires able to withstand even the heaviest of loads.

For regular sizes, we usually keep ready stock to arrange fast delivery time within 2 weeks. For special sizes, we will arrange production every month 15-20th and make delivery next month.

We only ship tyres with 40’ HQ. We can also accept a 20’ container if you initially require it.

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