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The Sailmax tire brand has a wide range of tire patterns and designs in the field of full-load tires for all types of applications. Excellent dynamic balance, long mileage, and ultra-wide tread design. A full range of tires to meet your choice for different scenarios.


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Sailmax Tire is one of the prominent manufacturers of all-steel radial tires in China.

By developing its own tire brands through self-operated tire projects, the company is committed to constructing a comprehensive “rubber-tire” vertical industrial chain. Its objective is to serve the real economy, optimize resource allocation, actively participate in the establishment of a robust “rubber-tire” supply chain ecosystem, inject fresh vigor into China’s tire industry, and propel Chinese tire brands toward global recognition.

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The reasons to choose us:

* High quality
* Reasonable price
* One-stop service
* Fast delivery
* Flexible payment terms
* Good source from other sister factories

Product Development

A passion for innovation and a commitment to continuous improvement is at the core of our business. We are driven by our desire to meet the changing needs of our customers and ensure that they have access to the tires of the future.

Learn more about our latest product launches and innovations.

Marketing Activities

With a strong presence in over 60 countries worldwide, Sailmax Tires has established itself as a reliable partner for commercial vehicle operators.
Our tires undergo stringent quality checks and meet international standards, including IS09001:2000, ISO/TS16949, CCC, DOT, ECE, GCC, and INMETRO certifications, ensuring exceptional performance and safety on the road.

Extensive Sales and Service :

Sailmax tires are sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, making them the preferred brand for global users.

In China, we have a strong network of over 300 sales and service outlets, providing comprehensive support and assistance to our valued customers. As we expand globally, our commitment to exceptional service remains unwavering, ensuring that Sailmax Tires is always within reach.

Our Facilities

Planning and confirmation From 5 to 10 days

To give consumers a high degree of comfort, performance, efficiency, reliability and safety, our engineer team will discuss the request with customers, and provide a partial or whole custom design plan with our BLUE tire technology blends a unique mix of chemistry, physics and engineering.

Design and Development From 15 to 20 days

The R&D team will present a complete plan including recipe and structural design, model design, production process and inspection process to provide the best in terms of comfort and handling. We will delivers to next step after customers’ confirmation.


A prototype tire is then made to test the tire design’s ability to provide the desired characteristics. Custom-designing a tire for a particular vehicle typically takes many months of testing: handling in both dry and wet conditions, aquaplaning behavior, winter performance, rolling resistance, integrity and high speed.

Tire Production From 20 to 30 days

Good tire origin from advanced technology, equipment and strict control and the production process. Our strict quality control standards and conducts all-round quality control to ensure the unification of product quality. The rigorous spirit of testing and the high standards of excellence have resulted in the reliable product quality of Customized Tire.


Good quality ,reasonable cheap price, stable supply, good aftersale service.We believe that we can supply best suitable tyre for your truck and business.

Better quality, because our materials, machines, processes and teams are better! The result is tire lifespans 20-35% longer than the competition, making our tires a top value.

Natural rubber imported from Thailand and Malaysia and steel from one of the best Italian brands produced in China. Only the best raw materials are used to produce our tires.

Heavy investment into machines imported from German and Italy to ensure great tire-making capability.This includes x-ray scans and balancing to be sure each tire is suited to European and USA standards.

Payment for long terms cooperation of good reputation partners:
We have sino insurence for our VIP cients, we can offer L/C 90 days after we familar with each other. We looking for partnership for long terms.

Our engineers have developed great reinforced sidewalls for strong, safe tires able to withstand even the heaviest of loads.

For regular sizes, we usually keep ready stock to arrange fast delivery time within 2 weeks. For special sizes, we will arrange production every month 15-20th and make delivery next month.

We only ship tyres with 40’ HQ. We can also accept a 20’ container if you initially require it.

We have helped thousands of tire importers find the right tyre

Customer satisfaction in Chengdu is very important, we attach great importance to the needs of customers, we are very honored to receive more feedback.

Jatinder Singh



“The service attitude is very good, every time there is a question that the product does not understand, it will give a very satisfactory answer in time!”

Jesé Gonzalez



“La mejor experiencia de todas, mi pedido comenzó tan pronto como lo realicé, el envío fue rápido, me gustó mucho.”

Aleksei Sorokin



“иметь шины хорошего качества, и их шины очень подходят для нашего рынка!”




“Sailmax tyres overloading design patterns 110OR20 1200R20 are well done in my market,thanks sailmax for providing high quality tyres and prices are competitive at such level tyres. “


For us, transparency isn’t just a policy, it’s our promise.
From transparent business practices to contractual exclusivity to empowering business partner policies, all with the spirit of true profitable partnership. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact our customer service team!

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