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Welcome to Sailmax Tires, your trusted source for high-quality tires. We offer a wide range of tires for various applications, including Steer, Drive, Trailer, All Position, Mine, Winter, and All season Tires. With our commitment to quality and performance, we are confident that our tires will exceed your expectations.


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Brand Introduction

Sailmax Tires is a Chinese company that makes radial truck tires. They are part of Xiamen ITG Group Corp, and sell their tires in over 100 countries.

Sailmax Tires have two factories, Keerun Tire(Dezhou)Co,Ltd. and Keerun Tire(Rizhao)Co.,Ltd. These factories can make over 2 million truck and bus tires every year. Sailmax Tires has the capacity to make 2.5 million sets of all-steel radial truck tires and 1 million bias tires for heavy duty trucks.

Sailmax Tires have sold their tires to over 60 countries and uses . They have certificates like IS09001:2000, ISO/TS16949, CCC, DOT, ECE, GCC, INMETRO. They have over 300 sales and service outlets in China, and they are expanding globally.

Sailmax Tires Category

Sailmax tires come in various sizes and patterns for different types of trucks and road conditions, including light trucks, heavy loads, long distances, mixed terrain, snow, and all weather. 

Long distance routes
Well-paved roads

Regional, Urban and Mixed Service applications

Mix Service
Frequent use both on and off-road
Heavy loads

Designed for Mine, Off-road, Construction

Suitable for snow pavement, with strong grip

All-weather composite for increased driving range and reduced rolling resistance

Sailmax Truck Tires

Sailmax tires combine aesthetics and durability. Their sleek design adds elegance to your vehicle, while the sturdy structure ensures longevity and performance. Get Sailmax tires today for an investment in both style and reliability.

From OEM to ODM, SAILMAX design your truck tires

For top-quality custom-designed truck tires, choose Salimax. With years of experience in design, manufacturing, and quality control, their team of experts creates tires tailored to all road conditions. Salimax Tires understands that different vehicles require different tires, so they offer custom options for specialty uses like ports or mining facilities. Whether you’re an OE customer or need special design tires, Salimax Tires guarantees the highest-quality standards. Choose Salimax for your custom-designed truck tire needs and experience superior performance.

SAILMAX Tires Features

Strong R&D Team

SAILMAX Tires has a Fortune 500 management, a skilled research team and offers a quality, delivery and performance warranty on their tyres.

Competitive Prices

Sailmax Tires offers competitive pricing similar to well-known brands, enhancing the competitiveness of our partners in the tyre industry.

Market Support

SAILMAX is a new player in the truck tyre industry since 2020, gaining popularity in Asia and American markets. We seek global tyre importers and agents.

Reliable Team

SAILMAX Tires, under ITG Group, a Fortune 500 Enterprise, has upgraded equipment to meet high market standards for tyre quality.

How to Develop Truck Tires for you

What is Forlander's OEM, ODM tire customization service? Customize tire by your demands!

5 days

Planning and confirmation

You choose from our tire catalog or send us your specific needs for tires, our engineers team will create a custom plan for you using our advanced BLUE tire technology.

5-10 days

Design and Development

The R&D team will present a complete plan including recipe and structural design, model design, production process and inspection process to provide the best tires.

10-15 days

Tire Sample

We made a sample tire using advanced equipment. We will test the tire to make sure it works well in dry and wet conditions, doesn’t slide on water, performs well in winter, is strong, and can go fast without issues.

20-30 days

Tire Production

We will use advanced technology and equipment to mass produce tires with strict quality control. This will ensure that all the tires are of consistent and high quality.

Your questions answered

Importing SAILMAX Truck tires from CHINA

“Try SAILMAX truck tires from China for their good brand reputation, nice appearance, and reliable warranty policy. Contact for pricing, shipment, quality, delivery, and mix loading details.”

Usually, we ask for 30% payment TT in advance and the remaining balance will be paid after a copy of the B/L. An irrevocable L/C at sight or OA are also acceptable for some countries or customers.

For regular sizes, we usually keep ready stock to arrange fast delivery time within 2 weeks. For special sizes, we will arrange production every month 15-20th and make delivery next month.

Sailmax stands behind our High Quality products with a Superior warranty protection package for Maximum Confidence and Piece of Mind. You will find a list of our current warranties.

We only ship tyres with 40’ HQ. We can also accept a 20’ container if you initially require it.

Yes, Sailmax has special deals with our trusted partners. We also help our exclusive agents with marketing support.

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